William Applegate

Mayor Joe Riley Appoints Applegate to the Board of Architectural Review

At the end of his term, Former Mayor Joe Riley appointed William Applegate to the Board of Architectural Review.

“Having the opportunity to serve this historic American city is a real honor and I am hopeful I will be able to help continue our great tradition of thoughtful preservation.”

The purpose of Charleston’s BAR is the preservation and protection of the old historic or architecturally worthy structures and quaint neighborhoods which impart a distinct aspect to the city and which serve as visible reminders of the historical and cultural heritage of the city, the state, and the nation.” The Board of Architectural Review was originally enacted in 1931 to preserve traditional building styles throughout historic Charleston. Its original ordinance was the first preservation ordinance in the United States.

To keep up with the BAR meetings and agendas, visit their page here.

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