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Disclaimer: The settlements and verdicts shown here should not be considered as a description or characterization of the quality of the firm's representation and in no way should be interpreted as a guarantee of a specific result or outcome of any particular case. As such, the reader should not rely on the cases below to develop any expectation regarding the value of his or her case.

Verdict for Paralyzed Worker against PEPCO - $35,940,545

This verdict was achieved by the attorneys of Yarborough Applegate after a two week trial for a 28 year old construction worker who was electrocuted at a Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) power plant then fell 8 feet from scaffolding causing him to be paralyzed from the neck down. The power company and its insurers, AIG and AEGIS, refused to offer anything close to fair compensation to cover this young man's basic needs.

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Securities Fraud - $25,000,000

This case was filed in the U.S. District Court in Delaware on behalf of shareholders who lost money when the national credit card company they had invested in made multiple false statements to the public about their financial results and engaged in fraudulent accounting in order to deceive the investing public.

Negligence - $9,900,000

Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to sudden deceleration when she fell from a commercial recreational amusement ride. We alleged the injury occurred as a result of reckless operation by the operator of the ride. Our attorneys were able to establish that the ride was being operated at twice the speed allowed by the manufacturer and the operator ignored the warnings not to tow in excess of 15 mph, which was printed in bright red letters on the side of the ride. Defendant denied liability claiming that they had not acted negligently and that Plaintiff was barred from any recovery because she had signed an "Assumption of the Risk and Liability Waiver."

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Breach of Contract / Insurance Bad Faith - Confidential Settlement*

Bankers Life and Casualty Company denied our client's claim for benefits under a long term care policy after she developed Alzheimers disease and was admitted to an assisted living facility. We sued Bankers Life for breach of contract and bad faith insurance practices. The United States District Court of South Carolina agreed with us and ruled as matter of law that Bankers Life had breached the contract with its insured and that the issues of bad faith and punitive damages should be submitted to the jury. Despite continued denials by the company's management and lawyers, the company's claims adjuster admitted in her deposition that the company violated its duty of good faith and fair dealing, it unreasonably violated its policies and procedures, it turned its back on its policyholder and broke promises to pay its insured when she got sick. Shortly before jury selection in the trial of the case, Bankers Life paid a confidential settlement amount to avoid going to trial on the issues of whether they acted in bad faith. *This summary has been randomly placed and the order in which it is placed is not suggestive of the amount or range of the settlement which is confidential.

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Toxic Tort - Chemical Inhalation Injury - $8,250,000

This settlement was achieved at mediation for our client who inhaled toxic fumes from a chemical negligently spilled by a large company. The client was hospitalized on numerous occasions and suffered permanent and debilitating injuries to his lungs. With the help of a certified life care planner and his physicians, it was estimated that our client would need several million dollars in future medical treatments and medications and was disabled from employment.

Medical Malpractice - $4,000,000+

This recovery was obtained in a wrongful death case brought against several physicians and their practice. The Plaintiff, who was a college student, tragically died after going into respiratory and cardiac arrest during a routine wisdom tooth extraction. The lawsuit alleged that serious errors were made in the administration of general anesthesia by the Defendants, as well as in their failure to properly respond to her respiratory and cardiac arrest. It should be noted that this substantial result was achieved despite no appreciable economic damages and the fact that the claims would have been subject to the non-economic damage caps imposed by the 2005 SC Medical Malpractice Act, absent a finding of gross negligence.

Product Liability - $4,000,000

This settlement resulted from the negligence and defective manufacturing of a van that resulted in serious injuries to a family of passengers traveling on a South Carolina interstate. During the trip, the van went out of control and rolled over several times resulting in serious injuries to its passengers.

Dram Shop & Drunk Driver Liability - $3,750,000

A drunk driver struck our client, a pedestrian working on a nighttime road paving crew, and fled the scene of the accident. Apprehended by the police and charged with driving under the influence with great bodily harm, the driver testified that he had been served 10 liquor drinks over a four-hour period at an upscale chain restaurant. Our client suffered multiple injuries, including a mild traumatic brain injury and numerous facial fractures. He continues to struggle with chronic pain, headaches, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, sleep and emotional disturbances, and significant hearing loss. Yarborough Applegate secured a $3.75 million settlement for our client from both the driver and restaurant.

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Construction Site Negligence - $3,470,000

While working as a subcontractor for a manufacturing plant, our client leaned against a railing which gave out beneath him, causing him to fall through the building and onto the ground. He sustained many orthopedic injuries, including fractured heels, femur, pelvis, and lumbar vertebrae. Due to multiple surgeries, the client accumulated $250,000 in medical bills and anticipated $972,000 in future pain management and medical care expenses. Yarborough Applegate brought a lawsuit against the plant and railing system distributor for negligence and design defects respectively, ultimately securing a $3,470,000 settlement to ensure comfort and top-notch care for the rest of our client’s lifetime.

Construction Site Negligence - Traumatic Brain Injury - $3,100,000

Our client was working at a condominium complex that was under construction when he was struck in the head by a roofing truss that was thrown by another subcontractor off of the 4th floor of the building. Plaintiff sustained a major closed head injury that resulted in a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and he was left with residual pain in his neck and arms. This case settled the day before trial.

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Wrongful Death - $3,000,000

Our client, a friendly, health-conscious, respected construction worker, was riding his bicycle home from work when he was struck and instantly killed by a drunk driver. After fleeing the accident, the driver, who was using his company’s vehicle, was apprehended by police and charged with felony DUI. An investigation revealed that the driver was under the influence of beer, liquor, and prescription medication and had a history of alcohol-related misdemeanor and felony convictions. The employer’s insurance company sought to avoid coverage of the claim and the employer claimed no prior knowledge of the driver’s history of drinking and driving. The case was settled at mediation for $3 million.

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Dram Shop Alcohol Liability - $3,000,000

This lawsuit was filed against a restaurant for violating South Carolina's alcohol liability statutes through over-service of alcohol to a customer who was subsequently involved in a fatal automobile collision. The customer, after being served 8 glasses of wine by the restaurant, drove the wrong way down the highway and crashed into Plaintiff's vehicle injuring him and, most tragically, killing his twelve year old child. The at-fault drunk driver had a BAC of .21 and was sentenced to twelve years in prison for felony DUI. Evidence uncovered during discovery showed that the restaurant not only served its customer to the point of intoxication but they also failed to call 911 in violation of company policy when they learned that the customer had staggered into the parking lot, run over a bush and drove drunk away from the restaurant. This most challenging part of this hard-fought settlement with the restaurant was the fact that a previous settlement reached with another at-fault party created a set-off of $5,250,000 had the case gone to verdict. This additional settlement brought the total recovery for the Plaintiffs to $8,250,000.

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Negligence - $2,725,000

This result was achieved for the client when a tire retailer installed oversized tires on his SUV without warning that oversized tires on an SUV can affect vehicle stability and handling as well as dramatically increase the risk of rollover. The oversized tires caused the SUV to go out of control and rollover on the interstate, resulting in severe injuries to the client.

Negligence/CRPS - $2,395,000

This recovery was obtained following a week long jury trial that resulted in a $3 Million dollar verdict for our client as well as several settlements with other defendants that were obtained prior to trial.

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Negligence / Automobile Collision - $2,250,000

This settlement was achieved for a client who sustained a severe ankle crush and shoulder injury as a result of a "head on" motor vehicle collision. Our client suffered from chronic pain and some permanent impairment as a result of the injury.

ATV (Kawasaki Mule) Rollover - $2,200,000

Our client was riding as a passenger in this ATV, which was being driven by his friend when the ATV rolled over and landed on Plaintiff's leg. The driver was operating the ATV at an excessive rate of speed, made too sharp of a left hand turn, causing the vehicle to roll over. When the ATV rolled over, the Plaintiff was ejected from the passenger seat and the ATV landed on top of his leg which was seriously injured, eventually requiring amputation below the knee. Our client had past substantial medical bills and through the use of experts in the fields of Life Care Planning, Vocational Rehabilitation and Economics, we quantified approximately one million dollars in future economic losses. This settlement was achieved prior to the filing of a lawsuit in response to a time sensitive Tyger River demand for the policy limits of the driver's insurance company.

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Yarborough Applegate Negotiates Settlement in Suit over Baby's Botched Delivery - $2,200,000

South Carolina Lawyers Weekly Magazine reports that Yarborough Applegate recently negotiated a $2.2 million settlement for a young woman whose baby was born with brain damage and later died. The doctor at the center of the case lied during her deposition, claiming she waited to deliver the baby by C-section because the 19-year-old mother withdrew her consent to have the operation.

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Property Damage / Oil Pollution - $1,800,000

This recovery was for Plaintiffs whose property was contaminated due to the negligence of a shipping line that spilled oil throughout the Charleston Harbor and surrounding coastline.

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Products Liability / FELA - $1,500,000

A railroad worker who had worked in and out of roundhouses throughout his career had been exposed to high levels of asbestos that caused him to contract Mesothelioma, a cancer caused only by exposure to asbestos.

Premises Liability - $1,500,000

This judgment was obtained for the client against a local club for spinal injuries sustained by a patron who was assaulted by the club's bouncer.

Premises Liability / Construction Site Injury - $1,475,000

Our client was visiting a construction site when the employee of a framing contractor dropped a stack of roofing trusses on top of him, causing him to suffer serious injuries requiring spinal surgery. We filed a lawsuit against the framing contractors and both of their insurance companies attempted to evade responsibility and cancel their coverage by filing separate declaratory judgment actions. On the eve of the DJ trial and the trial of the underlying case, the insurance companies tendered this coverage allowing for this substantial recovery.

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Wrongful Death - $1,200,000

Our client, a 56-year old mother of three and longtime child caregiver, was bicycling to work at a local church daycare center, when she was struck and killed by the 24-year-old driver of a flatbed commercial truck loaded with lumber. The local police’s initial investigation took the word of the driver, that he was obeying the speed limit and that the cyclist darted out in front of him – without downloading the truck’s ECM data, which revealed that the lumber truck was speeding at the time of the accident. The police initially found the decedent cyclist at-fault. Yarborough Applegate exposed the truck driver’s lies, the police’s flawed investigation, and ultimately secured a $1.2 million settlement for our client’s family.

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Settlement for Child Catastrophically Injured at Daycare $1,000,000

In this case a daycare teacher took a group of 3- and 4-year-old students to the playground and distributed the contents of a box of toys that included jump ropes among other things, and sat on a bench as the children played. She was the only adult present at the playground. The teacher did not notice a rope being taken to the top of a slide, then being looped around the railing of the slide’s platform, or next being looped around a 3-year-old’s neck. It was after this that the 3-year-old slid down the slide with a rope around his neck, unnoticed by the daycare teacher. The teacher did not notice anything wrong until she saw the child hanging motionless on the slide by the jump rope. His face was blue and he did not appear to be breathing. At the hospital, the child experienced seizure activity, posturing, and clenching of the teeth, all consistent with a hypoxic brain injury. The child spent several nights in the hospital before being discharged to the care of his mother. He had sustained a strangulation injury with oxygen deprivation to his brain. Since the incident, the child has struggled with impulsivity, unprovoked aggression, and some loss of balance, and, most importantly, his doctors have stated a need for some level of lifelong medical care.

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Wrongful Death - $1,000,000

Yarborough Applegate and Clark Law Firm obtained a $1M settlement for a wrongful death lawsuit in Florence, SC against the SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs and the Pee Dee Regional Center.

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Medical Malpractice - Failure to Diagnose Pulmonary Embolism - $1,000,000

This hard fought recovery was achieved for the widow of a 50 year old man who died hours after having elective knee surgery. Before, during and after the surgery there were abnormal vital signs that should have alerted the doctors and nurses that patient was experiencing a pulmonary embolism, but they dismissed them as anxiety.

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Tractor Trailer / Trucking Negligence - $1,000,000

This is a case where a 62 yr old man was killed when his vehicle collided with a piece of farm equipment that was being transported on a 18 wheeler. The tracks of the combine were protruding over the center line into Decedent's oncoming lane of travel. The Defendants claimed that Decedent did not see the approaching escort vehicle and "wide load" because he was legally blind in one eye, had deteriorating medical conditions which affected the vision of his other eye and that he was comparatively negligent for not taking any evasive action to avoid the load. With no meaningful offer of settlement having been made, Yarborough Applegate's attorneys were associated to assist as trial counsel 60 days prior to trial. The case was settled at trial after jury selection.

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Medical Malpractice - Failure to Diagnose Cancer - $1,000,000

A 28 year old female patient went to her Primary Care Physician (PCP) because she was concerned about an unusual mole on her left calf. PCP did a biopsy and submitted it to pathologist for analysis. Pathologist determined that the mole was atypical in its architecture and cellular structure and recommended re-excision of the entire mole. PCP did not counsel patient regarding any abnormalities and did not perform the re-excision or refer her to a specialist for any re-excision. In fact, PCP told patient it was benign and not to worry about it. One year later Patient became again concerned about more changes in the mole so she went back to PCP at which time he performed a second biopsy which revealed that the mole had progressed into a Stage III malignant melanoma giving her a 50% 5 year survival rate. Patient had to undergo numerous surgeries and severe treatments. The PCP's insurance company tendered all of the available policy limits in response to a pre-suit demand by the attorneys at Yarborough Applegate.

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Medical Malpractice - Failure to Diagnose Cancer - $1,000,000

This recovery was obtained for the children and widow of a 64 year old man whose doctor failed to tell him that his chest CT Radiology report revealed a late Stage 1 cancerous tumor. The doctor never followed up on and read the patient's radiology report when it was received by his office. The doctor saw the patient several times over the course of the next year but never informed him of the cancer. One year from the date of the first scan, the physician ordered a 2nd CT Scan which revealed that the lung cancer had progressed to incurable Stage 4 and spread to the patient's liver. When the physician reviewed the results of the 2nd CT Radiology report, rather than tell the patient that he had cancer, or that he had missed the 1st cancer diagnosis, he left the office and did not return. The patient did not realize that he had cancer until 6 weeks later when he was hospitalized due to weakness. The patient died two months later from the cancer. Had the patient been informed of the original cancer diagnosis by his physician, as he should have been, there could have been an approximately 60% survival rate. This was a substantial recovery in light of the facts that were nominal economic damages and the non-economic damages were limited by the non-economic damage caps imposed by the 2005 SC Medical Malpractice Act.

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Medical Malpractice - $1,000,000

Settlement was achieved for the client who was seriously injured due to negligence during a surgical operation and follow-up care.

Products Liability / FELA - $1,000,000

This case was brought in Butler County, Ohio against the railroad for a client who contracted Mesothelioma from working around asbestos. The client worked for the railroad as a conductor for three months and was exposed to asbestos on the steam locomotives used by the railroad.

Premises Liability - $975,000

While guests of the North Charleston Sheraton, several people were exposed to Legionella bacteria, which caused them to contract Legionnaires' disease and Pontiac Fever. The source of the Legionella bacteria was the hotel's whirlpool/hot tub. This premises liability lawsuit was filed against the hotel and its management company in US District Court alleging negligent and improper maintenance and chlorination of the hotel's pool and hot tub.

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Negligent Security - $850,000

We represented a 28 year old female who was working the night shift in a secured power plant facility when an unauthorized individual broke through security gates, sought out the female and assaulted her causing a mild traumatic brain injury. Prior to her shift, the Plaintiff had notified her supervisor that she was concerned for her safety but despite this warning, evidence showed that the intruder drove directly through an open gate in the facility without security being aware of the entry and that no extra precautions were taken to secure the Plaintiff. As a result of the assault, the client's work capacity was diminished and she suffered from continued headaches, light sensitivity, depression, and night terrors. We filed a lawsuit alleging negligent security on the part of the security company and failure to provide a safe workplace on the part of the employer. Just prior to a trial of this matter, this settlement was reached between our client, the security company, and her employer.

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Medical Negligence - $850,000

Our client was a 21 year old female who experienced respiratory and cardiac arrest while under general anesthesia during a simple medical procedure. The team of medical providers used an unnecessary level of anesthesia, over-sedated the patient, failed to properly develop and implement an appropriate anesthesia plan, and failed to recognize the severity of her sickle cell disease when considering an outpatient surgery center as an appropriate setting for the use of general anesthesia. Given the patient's complex medical history, the simple procedure could and should have been done just using a local anesthetic which would have completely eliminated the risks associated with general anesthesia. The plaintiff suffered a mild anoxic brain injury as a result of the respiratory arrest which resulted in psychological and cognitive impairments.

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Premises Liability - $800,000

This recovery was made for client's personal injuries and his wife's loss of consortium due to an unsecure balcony railing on a construction site that gave way causing him to fall several stories to the ground below.

Premises Liability - $775,000

Settlement obtained for a client who was injured due to the negligence of a construction contractor. The injury occurred on a rainy day while the Plaintiff attempted to enter a hospital through a temporary entrance and slipped and fell on a mat that had been turned upside down by the contractor. As a result of the fall, the Plaintiff required spine surgery.

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Admiralty / Boating collision - $735,000

We achieved this recovery for our client who was run over by a 31 foot center console watercraft traveling at almost 30 MPH while he was fishing while anchored in his jon boat. Our client suffered numerous broken ribs, a lacerated spleen and a punctured lung that required a lengthy hospitalization. In an attempt to avoid responsibility in what should have been a clear liability case, the insurance company for the owner of the at-fault boat filed an action in federal court to limit the Plaintiff's recovery to the value of the wrecked vessel. Despite this legal defense, we were able to obtain this significant result for our client after a year of hard fought legal battles.

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Pharmacy Negligence - Prescription Misfill - $700,000

Our client was seriously injured as a result of a pharmacist filling her prescription with the wrong medication. We discovered that prior to this incident when this big pharmacy chain took over the small town pharmacy they made the pharmacist go from filling approximately 100 prescriptions a day to as many as 400 per day, disregarding safety for corporate profits.

Premises Liability - $700,000

Client was a guest at a rental home and was injured when a balcony rail that was not properly secured or maintained separated from the building causing the Plaintiff to lose his balance and fall two stories to the ground below, shattering his leg.

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Medical Negligence - Failure to Diagnose Perforated Bowel - $600,000

Our client was a 41 year old female who underwent an operative procedure that involved extensive lysis of adhesions. Within hours after the surgery she became short of breath and tachycardic. She was exhibiting altered mental status, fever, and abdominal pain and met all of the SIRS criteria over the following days. A pelvic CT scan showed extensive free air and fluid in the abdomen and the report indicated this was worrisome for a bowel perforation. A repeat pelvic CT imaging study with contrast was suggested. No repeat study was done, nor was any surgical consult done. Instead, our client was sent home from the hospital where within several days she became septic and suffered serious injuries.

Auto Accident - $600,000

During a collision caused by the Defendant, the Plaintiff suffered an open femur fracture that required surgery. The injury resulted in a permanent injury to the Plaintiff's leg. The case was filed by another attorney who associated our firm to be trial counsel. Prior to our association on this case, the Defendant had denied liability and only a minimal offer had been made. As part of this settlement on the eve of trial, the Defendant agreed to write a letter to our client apologizing and accepting full responsibility for the harm he had caused her.

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Condemnation - $545,000

Yarborough Applegate represented a landowner in a takings case where the County of Charleston and the Town of Mount Pleasant condemned a portion of Landowner's property and made alterations to the surrounding property causing major damage to the value of the landowner's property. The Town of Mount Pleasant offered $20,000 to the Plaintiff for taking its property and the County of Charleston refused to offer the landowner any compensation for the damage to its property. After almost 3 years of litigation, this case was tried in Charleston County and a jury awarded the Landowner $401,000 in damages as well as $145,000 in costs and fees.

Auto Accident - $500,000

During a head-on collision caused by the Defendant, the Plaintiff suffered a rotator cuff tear that required surgery. The injury resulted in a severe loss in range of motion to the Plantiff's arm.

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Wrongful Death / Loss of Consortium - $500,000

The family of a wheelchair-bound woman who rolled off a raised mechanical lift while she was being loaded onto a country public transportation van and later died has negotiated a $500,000 settlement.

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$500,000 Pre-Suit Settlement for Pair Injured in Drunk Driving Crash

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Premises Liability - $475,000

This recovery was achieved for a client who suffered serious injuries requiring spinal surgery when she slipped in water leaking from a water fountain at a retail establishment.

Federal Tort Claims Act - Negligence of Federal Correctional Officers - $465,000

We represented an inmate who was incarcerated at FCI Williamsburg in Salters, SC who was injured while acting in his role of Recreation Commissioner for the prison's basketball program. A situation developed and tensions between inmates began to flare after our client made the decision to end the game. Shortly thereafter, he was attacked by an unruly inmate which left him with a traumatic brain injury. Pursuant to the Bureau of Prisons policy, the correctional officers were required to be present on the sidelines to prevent this very type of situation from arising and they failed to adhere to their own policy which exposed our client to a vulnerable situation which led to his severe injuries. The case was aggressively defended by the US Attorney's Office and the BOP's counsel up until the week before trial where the parties reached a settlement agreement for the sum of $465,000.00.

Nursing Home Negligence - $425,000

This result was obtained for the family of a vulnerable nursing home resident who was injured due to staff neglect.

Products Liability - $425,000

As a result of negligence and defective products manufactured and distributed by several companies, several of the Plaintiff's toes were amputated while operating a Densifier at his workplace recycling operation. The lawsuit alleged the machine was defective and unreasonably dangerous and that defendants had failed to warn, failed to guard, failed to install a braking mechanism on the machine blade and improperly placed an emergency stop device.

Failure to Provide Adequate Medical Care to Inmate - $425,000

We represented an insulin dependent diabetic who was not administered her medicine while incarcerated at the Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center. The nursing staff at the jail failed to do a medical evaluation upon her booking into the jail and, instead, put her in a holding cell while her condition gradually reached a critical point where she became gravely ill. Her diabetic ketoacidosis was so complex by the time she arrived at the hospital that she developed pancreatitis as well as a host of pulmonary complications. The conduct of the officers violated the jail's policies and the nursing care fell below the standard of care which resulted in this case being resolved prior to trial.

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Premises Liability - $400,000

This settlement was paid following opening statements in a jury trial as a result of serious injuries to our client, a golfer, who slipped and fell on a poorly maintained wooden bridge. The YA attorneys uncovered during the lawsuit that as many as 10 other people had fallen on this exact same bridge prior to our clients injury and that golf course employees were aware of the danger but did nothing to warn about it.

Premises Liability - $390,000

This settlement was achieved when a bar patron was assaulted on the premises and suffered an epidural hematoma. Rather than call 911, the manager of the bar delayed the medical treatment of the Plaintiff by attempting to cover up the incident. The delay in treatment resulted in a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). The bar's insurance policy had an alcohol service exclusion, and the bar was a charitable 501c3 entity.

Premises/Subcontractor Liability - $375,000

The Plaintiff was working as a painter in a house under construction when he fell down an open elevator shaft that was not properly barricaded or marked. The Plaintiff severely broke his leg after falling 3 floors.

Nursing Home Negligence - $325,000

Our client suffered repeated urinary tract infections that led to sepsis and dehydration, and developed pressure ulcers that were not adequately treated while at a skilled nursing facility. This settlement was obtained following a lawsuit against the facility alleging resident neglect, inadequate wound care and inadequate record keeping which led to the injuries.

Auto Accident - $315,000

This settlement was obtained for a client who suffered neck injuries after being rear-ended. The collision occurred when cargo spilled from a driver's truck that was travelling in front of our client. Our client maneuvered to avoid the debris in the roadway and was then hit by another driver from behind. The settlement included payment by the driver in front of our client, the driver behind our client, and by our client's own insurance company through his underinsured motorist coverage.

Wage Payment Claim - $270,000

A real estate company wrongfully withheld the wages and commissions of an agent who left the firm to start her own business. We sued the former employer who ultimately paid all of the commissions owed prior to trial.

Auto Accident - $265,000

The Plaintiff was rear-ended by a drunk driver resulting in a herniated disc. The case was settled for the insurance policy limits on the eve of trial.

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Products Liability/FELA - $225,000

The client, a machinist for the railroad, was exposed to asbestos throughout his career. As a result of this exposure, he contracted asbestosis that caused shortness of breath.

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Jones Act Personal Injury - $200,000

This settlement was obtained for a seaman client who was permanently impaired when his arm was caught in a mooring line while disembarking from the Charleston Midstream Transfer Facility.

Child Abuse - South Carolina Tort Claims Act - $200,000

This settlement was reached on behalf of our client, an 8 year old nonverbal child with Autism, who was physically and verbally abused at school and developed a conversion disorder in response to the abuse which manifested itself in the form of seizures. The lawsuit alleged that our client was supervised and protected in a grossly negligent manner while in the custody of the school. The lawsuit further alleged that the school staff orchestrated a cover-up to conceal the child abuse instead of reporting it to authorities as required by South Carolina law. Discovery in this tragic case revealed that the unsafe and abusive environment our client faced at school was only part of a systemic problem that existed in the school district as a whole.

Premises / Landlord Liability - $185,000

This settlement was paid as a result of shoulder injuries suffered by our client, a tenant, who tripped and fell over an object obstructing the sidewalk on the property he rented from a landlord. The landlord had undertaken the task of painting the premises and failed to properly remove equipment from the common area where our client fell, creating an unsafe condition.

Premises Liability- $130,000

The settlement was reached at mediation as a result of injuries to our client, a delivery driver, who slipped and fell on a dangerous wooden ramp while delivering goods to a sandwich shop in Columbia, South Carolina. YA lawyers discovered during the lawsuit that no permit was ever obtained to build the ramp and that it violated several building code requirements.

Bar/Premises Liability - $125,000

In this case, the client, a bar patron, was over-served at a bar and lost consciousness on the premises. The bar managers instructed the bartender and others not to call 911 and dragged her outside where she was left on the ground. The client developed hypothermia and required hospitalization.

Yarborough Applegate wins Jury Verdict for Landowner against the County of Charleston and the Town of Mt. Pleasant in Case involving Condemnation and Inverse Condemnation

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Yarborough and Lail win Summary Judgment in a Breach of Contract / Insurance Bad Faith Case that Results in a Confidential Settlement

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