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What Myrtle Beach’s Bike Week Means for Motorcycle Accidents In SC

Posted: May 18, 2016

Since 1940, Myrtle Beach’s Bike Week Spring Rally has drawn thousands of motorists to the Grand Strand. Historically, that increase in visitors to the city has unfortunately correlated with an increase in county arrests and motor vehicle accidents. With the 2016 Bike Week in full swing, motorcycle accidents likely will be on the rise.

In 2015, there were 136 motorcyclist deaths on South Carolina roads. According to the City of Myrtle Beach, there were 48 total arrests, 14 motor vehicle accidents, and 1 accident involving a motorcycle in 2015 during Spring Bike Week. Those numbers showed a marked decrease from 2014 which reported 53 arrests and 23 motor vehicle accidents, 3 involving motorcycles.

This year, Horry County has stated that they plan to increase police presence, and will place barriers to separate vehicular traffic from pedestrian traffic among other things. They have also issued tips for motorists participating in the festivities. They recommend:

Group Meetups

  • Motorcycle riders are encouraged to meet with their riding group to determine route plans, rest stops, lead and tail riders and a plan for the possibility of a group member being separated from the group.

Proper Riding Formations

  • Motorists should ride in a staggered formation allowing sufficient space between riders unless traveling on a single lane road, in which case motorists should be in single-formation. Novice riders should remain in the center of the formation and all motorists are encouraged to check their mirrors periodically to ensure riding neighbors do not fall behind.

Proper Passenger Carry

  • Novice riders should not carry passengers and those experienced riders who do carry passengers are recommended to ride on the right side. Additionally, those with passengers in a sidecar should ride near the front or rear of the group.

No Alcohol Consumption Before Rides

  • Under no circumstance should motorists allow themselves or a member of their group to consume alcohol and travel.

Use of Proper Hand Signals

  • Motorists should familiarize themselves with the proper hand signals to communicate with others on the road.

Vigilant Non-Motorcyclists

  • Those motorists traveling through the area by car are encouraged to be very aware of riders sharing the road and drive with caution.

Additionally, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the motorcycle laws in South Carolina which can be viewed here.

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