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$6.05M Settlement Reached in Sod Trailer Accident

Posted: November 22, 2019

A 68-year-old man suffered a severe brain injury in 2014 after a pallet of grass sod fell off a trailer and caused a multi-car accident. Attorney William Applegate of Yarborough Applegate was able to secure a $6.05M settlement for the man and his family.

While the man was driving down Interstate 26 near Orangeburg, a swaying flatbed trailer carrying a 4,000-pound load of sod dropped a pallet of grass onto the highway. While the lane was closed off and traffic slowed, the man was rear-ended by a car that was traveling at 80 mph.

We alleged that the driver who rear-ended the plaintiff was negligent, the sod hauler was negligent and not properly trained in how to tie down the sod to his trailer, and the sod loader who initially loaded the sod onto the trailer was negligent in its methods of wrapping and loading the sod. 

The plaintiff’s traumatic brain injuries caused by the trailer accident included a diffuse axonal injury, subarachnoid hemorrhage, shearing injury, encephalopathy and extended amnesia, and orthopedic injuries. However, traumatic brain injury is a disease that causes lifelong problems in multiple areas.

“While invisible, when an individual suffers a traumatic brain injury and is required to relearn everything from swallowing to talking over a period of weeks or months, the effects are astounding,” Applegate says. “Beyond the memory loss and general reduction of brain function, people with such traumatic brain injuries experience personality changes that are very challenging for them, their families and friends.”

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