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What To Do if Your Child Was Sexually Abused at NewSpring Church

Yarborough Applegate is currently representing victims and conducting an investigation into one of many alleged incidents of child sexual abuse at North Charleston’s NewSpring Church campus by volunteer Jacop Hazlett. Hazlett’s alleged ongoing abuse was captured on surveillance video and his victim toll is still unknown, as children and their parents continue to come forward. Our attorneys are working to determine potential liability of the various parties involved in these horrific incidences. 

If your child was a victim of child sexual abuse, we encourage you to come forward to our team of trusted attorneys. We are advocates for and champions of victims of child sexual abuse in Charleston. Our experience navigating these delicate situations will help keep your child safe from further harm, and we will work tirelessly to seek justice.  

Yarborough Applegate is interested in speaking with anyone who might have information about the ongoing sexual abuse at NewSpring Church. We welcome any children, parents, and families of those affected to come forward and call us with any questions or concerns. Our partners David Yarborough and William Applegate are available to speak at any time this weekend. Call us at  (843) 972-0150.

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