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How Does Technology Help in a Personal Injury Case?

Posted: July 6, 2023

Trial lawyers must be clear communicators and powerful storytellers, and at Yarborough Applegate, we take this charge seriously. When clients ask us to represent them, they trust us to weave the facts of their case into a clear and compelling narrative—a full retelling of their lived experience. This means not only sharing the details of a singular event, but all that unfolds in its aftermath. The daily pain and suffering that follows a life-altering injury. Severe difficulty in executing once simple tasks. Ongoing grief for a life lost. 

At Yarborough Applegate, it’s our job to ensure our audiences—judges, juries, mediators, and other legal professionals—can truly understand and empathize with our client’s plight. In doing so, one of the greatest tools at our disposal is technology, and time and time again, our attorneys have been proven leaders in leveraging it to communicate visually and win cases.

Show, Not Tell: Cutting Through the Complex

As catastrophic personal injury lawyers, the cases we work are often complex. Injuries are nuanced. The cost of care and loss of earning potential compound over years. There’s also a victim’s sheer emotional trauma to consider. So how can one distill all of this into a clear and compelling case? Simply narrating a story is not enough. The answer lies with technology.

Research has found that human beings process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Our team routinely employs high-quality visual demonstratives to illustrate our client’s injuries; simplify scientific, engineering, or other technical concepts; and drive home the damages in a case. From top-notch PowerPoint presentations to full-scale video animations and recreations, these resources can truly revolutionize the way technical information is presented to an audience—and makes all the difference in case outcomes.  

We also routinely partner with technical animation studios like High Impact to produce custom animations of our clients’ catastrophic events and subsequent personal injuries. We’ve shown how a drunk driver fatally struck a cyclist. We’ve used a client’s radiography to build 3D models of facial fractures following a golf cart injury. We’ve broken down the totality of injuries a man suffered after a head-on car collision, the extent of which could have easily overwhelmed the court in a different format. In another case, our cinematic summary of orthopedic injuries tripled our client’s recovery

For jury members, these videos illustrate how a person just like them can become a victim in a matter of seconds. At the same time, they can serve as the backdrop for expert testimony, turning the courtroom into a classroom and truly educating on our client’s behalf.

At Yarborough Applegate, we know that every case is unique and calls for a tailored approach to tech integration. Regardless, our promise remains the same: We will go to work for you, employing the best experts and the latest technology to secure the result you deserve.

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