$1.15 Million

Settlement for Car Crash Injuries

The Case: After a double date, two couples were traveling home on the interstate when traffic came to a stop due to an accident. While stopped, their vehicle was rear-ended by an intoxicated driver who was leaving a nearby nightclub after consuming alcohol. The crash left all four individuals with injuries that required medical treatment. A blood alcohol test of the driver who rear-ended their car revealed a BAC of .073.

The Outcome: Proving the driver had been over-served at the club he was at prior to the accident was a tall task, as there was no video surveillance or time-stamped receipts to reference, and the club had even shut down by the time we were brought into the case. However, we were able to successfully use Point-of-Sale information and the drunk driver's testimony from his DUI plea hearing to show that he would have exceeded a .08 BAC during service at the club.

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