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What To Do If You’re Injured On Vacation in South Carolina

Posted: June 21, 2018

Injuries can occur anywhere, at any time, and unfortunately do not discriminate against vacation time. If you or someone you know was seriously injured while on vacation, it is important to understand what actions to take, as an injury does not only affect the injured person’s trip, but can also impact their quality of life upon returning home.

Tourism in South Carolina is a $21 billion industry, meaning South Carolina welcomes millions of visitors into the state each year. Unfortunately, some of these visitors are injured during their time away from home. The attorneys at Yarborough Applegate have extensive knowledge in pursuing these types of cases and have successfully recovered damages for affected parties.

Whether you are seriously injured on an excursion or while at a vacation rental property, take these steps to protect your rights:

1. Let someone know you have been injured.
If you are in an automobile accident or an incident occurs that warrants police involvement, contact the authorities immediately and remain at the scene until their arrival (as you are able). If you are at a hotel or vacation rental property, notify the staff of the incident. Many properties have protocols in place for handling guest injuries.

2. Seek medical attention right away.
In the event of a serious injury, it is vital to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Serious injuries can compound and worsen over time, so do not wait to go to an urgent care center or the hospital.

3. Document your injury.
As you are able, document the injury with photographs and take notes about what you remember. Photograph or video record your injuries and any environmental hazards that may have caused your accident. If witnesses are present, collect their contact information.

4. Contact a personal injury lawyer who practices in the state in which you were injured.
There are legal remedies available for injuries sustained while on vacation. Be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer that practices in the state where the injury occurred. It is important that you do this in a timely manner, as these cases can be complex. And, as with other personal injury cases in SC, a statute of limitations does apply.

5. Keep documents of all expenses related to the injury.
It is essential that you keep every receipt related to expenses accrued as a result of the injury. Common examples include hospital and doctor visit bills, ambulance bills, physical therapy bills, required transportation changes (flight additions and flight cancellations are common examples), and documentation of missed work due to injury.

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