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What to Do if You’re Injured in a Car Accident

Posted: November 5, 2018

On this Monday afternoon, we’re following reports of a massive car wreck near the Cosgrove Avenue Bridge outside downtown Charleston. Authorities report that 22 vehicles were involved in the crash, hurting multiple drivers and passengers, with some folks being taken to the hospital because of their injuries. Here is what to do if you were injured in this morning’s car crash in Charleston, or at any other time:

  1. Call police to the scene. Upon their arrival, the police will talk to all parties involved in the crash and create an accident report to document key details about the scene, the impacts, the drivers, and the vehicles. Obtain your own copy of the accident report to keep on hand.
  2. Take detailed notes about any vehicles involved in the crash, and swap insurance information with the drivers of these cars.
  3. Seek medical attention – immediately if needed. If any pain or injuries present themselves in the days following the crash, schedule an appointment to be checked out by your primary doctor. Keep track of all pain, injuries, doctors’ visits, insurance claims, and medical bills.
  4. Call your car insurance company to alert them about the wreck.
  5. Do not claim any liability or apologize for the crash at the scene. Many drivers falsely take credit for the accident on-site. Fault is something the police or attorneys will determine.
  6. Photograph your injuries and any vehicle damage. This is a critical step in the process, as it helps to properly document the accident’s impacts.
  7. Gather witness information. If you are aware of any drivers or pedestrians who witnessed the crash, ask them to make a short written statement about what they saw. Be sure to record their full contact information should you, the police, or your insurance company need further detail.
  8. Contact a personal injury or plaintiff lawyer. You should seek an attorney who is experienced in car accidents and personal injury. In most cases, you can obtain a bigger settlement when working through a lawyer than you might when working through your car insurance company only.

If you or a loved one was involved in this morning’s car accident, our car accident lawyers can help find solutions for your case, allowing you to move forward with the compensation you deserve.  If you would like to take action for this morning’s wreck, please call our team for help (843) 972-0150. You can read more about our motor vehicle injury cases and experience and results.

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