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Yarborough Applegate Achieved 8 of The Top 18 SC Settlements in 2016

Posted: February 14, 2017

Every year, South Carolina Lawyers Weekly compiles a list of the top million-dollar settlements in the state reported in its newspaper. Since 2011, Yarborough Applegate has appeared on this list every year, always securing at least 3 spots.

In 2016, Yarborough Applegate earned 8 of the 18 spots on the list totaling $18.15 million in settlements. The suits involved 3 trucking cases, a dram shop case, wrongful deaths, a bad faith case and a civil rights violation.

#4 Yarborough Applegate was awarded the 4th largest settlement in a dram shop case where the drunken driver paid $3.75 million to settle the suit.

#4 Yarborough Applegate secured a tie for the 4th largest settlement where the employer of a distracted trucker agreed to pay $3.75 million to an injured man who was rear-ended by the tractor-trailer.

#6 Yarborough Applegate earned the 6th spot in a suit where a bad faith case prompted by a high school fight led to a $3 million settlement.

#6 Yarborough Applegate secured a tie for the 6th spot in $3 million wrongful death DUI settlement where a drunken driver struck and killed a man riding his bicycle home from work.

#12 Yarborough Applegate was awarded the 12th spot for a $1.45 million settlement following a truck collision at the Charleston port that left a man with skull and facial fractures, a broken pelvis, cracked ribs, and the inability to return to work.

#14 Yarborough Applegate secured the 14th spot in a $1.2 million wrongful death settlement where a woman was struck and killed by a lumber truck while biking to her job at a church day care.

#16 Yarborough Applegate earned the 16th spot in the list for $1 million settlement in a wrongful death and civil rights violation suit where a woman in the state department of special needs center in Florence died from “probable compressional asphyxia” after she was improperly restrained by employees in the facility.

#17 Yarborough Applegate was awarded the 17th spot for a $1 million personal injury settlement where an improperly supervised child was found hanging from a jump rope on the playground of a day care center in Lancaster. The child sustained a mild traumatic brain injury after being deprived of oxygen for a significant amount of time before receiving treatment in the emergency room.

*Disclaimer: The settlements and verdicts shown here should not be considered as a description or characterization of the quality of the firm’s representation and in no way should be interpreted as a guarantee of a specific result or outcome of any particular case. As such, the reader should not rely on the cases below to develop any expectation regarding the value of his or her case.

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