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Using subpoenas for AI devices and smart phone data

Posted: November 30, 2018

In Facts & Findings’ December issue, our paralegal Amy Johnson contributed the article, “Alexa, How Did This Happen” with Vicki L. Casper, a paralegal for the restaurant management company Sizzling Platter, LLC.

This fascinating article focuses on the increase in subpoenas for AI devices and data, reminding readers about the volume and depth of information our smart devices capture during seemingly normal, everyday tasks.

In recent years, attorneys have found value in iPhone data for location tracking and Waze data for a driver’s speed, route, starting and ending point – among data gathered from other popular apps – while building their case. This data can work to easily prove (or disprove) an argument. Amy and Vicki speculate that the Amazon Alexa will become one of the most helpful information gathering tools for attorneys, as it records and stores all conversation from inside the home, and can only be deleted manually.

This F&F feature shares a lot of useful information for legal professionals to better understand the ins and outs of navigating the process of obtaining data from smart devices. Read on for more.

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