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Celebrating the Women of Yarborough Applegate on International Women’s Day

Posted: March 8, 2023

At Yarborough Applegate, our strength has always been our team: a dynamic collective of individuals with a shared commitment to helping others. It takes all of us working as a passionate, powerful unit to win cases for our deserving clients. 

This year, we are excited to mark International Women’s Day with a recognition of the women who strengthen the success of our firm each and every day. We asked them to share insights on how their work impacts our clients, their colleagues, and the company, as well as what it means to be a leader in the legal profession.

When an individual who has experienced a traumatic event reaches out to our firm, one of the first people they might encounter is Emily Cowan, our administrative assistant. Cowan says she makes it her job to offer open-hearted guidance and care when prospective clients need it most. “It’s been said that Yarborough Applegate was the first firm that offered condolences,” she says. “Indeed, we never want someone to feel like another number in the legal process. I often wonder, ‘Is the client recovering okay? How can I help make it better?’”

Likewise, paralegal Caitlin Clancy approaches her work from a place of genuine connection, knowing it’s key to building the trust necessary for guiding a client through the legal process as a true ally. 

At the end of that journey, when our diligent efforts have resulted in a win for our clients, we are endlessly proud to have made a lasting difference in their lives. “Most of our clients have endured a life-changing tragedy. It is rewarding to be part of the process of disbursing recoveries that are also life-changing—but in a positive way,” says office manager and bookkeeper Kathryn Westurn.

Paralegal Sara Harrigan echoes the sentiment. “While a settlement or verdict may never make them whole, seeing our work fill a part of the void or give someone closure and the ability to move on is the best feeling.”

Reflecting on  the even broader impact of her work, Clancy recalls a recent trip to Guatemala, which underscored the importance of visibility. It truly makes a difference, she says, for other women and young girls to see professional women working for top companies. “Representation matters,” she explains. “As women, we have worked hard to be in these offices, courtrooms, and more. I want us all to feel proud—but to also not take it for granted—and ultimately, to continue to work hard to be present and successful.”


Recognizing the vital role women have and continue to play in advancing the legal profession, the American Bar Association is recognizing Women’s History Month by illuminating undertold stories and providing real-world resources for legal leaders. We encourage everyone to check it out. 

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